I'm Dave. (I'm also the brains and creative genius behind Blue Planet Web Design). I'm a Designer & Developer, hoping to make the Web a prettier and more functional place.

I’ve been doing this for a while now. And it’s something that I love doing and a very passionate about. I think there is nothing better in this world than testing your wits and coming up with new ways to be creative. Web design is what I do and love, and you’ll see why once you’ve trusted me with your website. Don;t worry, you’re in good hands.


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Website Design

Website design is more than just using colours and images and making the website look pretty. Okay, yes, it IS about those things, but it also has to do with HOW you do it. Luckily I’m a professional with over 10 years worth of experience in web design.

Website Design

What I love to do and where I excell at. 

Branding & Logo

This always gets my creative juices flowing. Branding and designing a unique and interesting logo, is part of your business identity. It is something you should only give to a professional.

Content Strategy

Google loves original content. It is one of the key ranking features today and shouldn’t be skimped on. 

Website Development

Website development is all about the functionality of your site. Web design is about the look, whereas web development is all abut the feel of it. Key to it, is making sure that everything flows and actually works. Website development includes the work behind the scenes in the coding.

Built From Scratch

Is there anything worse (visually) than a cookie-cutter cut and paste website, like the free Google and WordPress versions, for instance? I don’t use templates. I design everything from scratch. You’ll understand why when you see the final product.

Choose a Premade Template

Confused? I just said I don’t use templates… Don’t fret. The templates I use are all my own and I designed and developed them from scratch. The end product however, is always unique. Think of your site as a person. The skeleton might be the same layout, but it’s the layers of muscle and skin that makes every person look different. Your website will be unique, don’t worry. I gaurantee it!

Maintenance & Updates

If you’d like me to handle the maintenance and updates of your site, I’d be happy to do that for a small monthly fee.

My Process


First I sit with you and we discuss your business and what you think your site should embody.


I come up with the basic design and layout of your site and present it to you.


After I’ve made any changes you wanted and I have your go-ahead, I refine the design process with more detail. 


Web design done, it’s only the development left. Once I have your sign off, your website is usually live within one week of the process starting.

Featured Work

Website Redesign

Insurance Website

I have about 50 different website templates that I’ve developed over the years and one of them includes an insurance broker site. Click the link below to view!

Website Development

Elegant Job Recruiters Website 

Another one of my favourites. This time for a job recruiter. (Yes, even head hunters need help.)

Website Design

Language School Design

A site that can be used in mulitple locations across the globe! 

I specifically used these three examples to showcase the fact that I cater for every possible business and niche, no matter how small or obscure. I have 47 more templates for you to look at, so if you are interested, let me know which business niche you’re in and I can show you some samples.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Dave. I’ve Been Building Websites for 11 Years

I simply LOVE what I do, and I’d like the opportunity to show you what I am capable of. Yes, I am proficient in SEO and Social Media, but it’s webd design and  development where I shine. I like to make sites look pretty, but I get a kick from it when it looks great AND it works like a bomb.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO & Social

Years of Experience

Independent Self-made Templates


  • 11 years as a full-time web designer
  • 7 years as a full-time web developer
  • Well over 50 self-built website templates
  • Well over 250 websites built for both myself and other web agencies


  • BA Communication Sciences degree
  • Various online courses with certification on SEO, Social Media Management
  • Various short courses from MOZ and  SEMrush academies  


  • Member of the Web Integrity Guild, a select group of web design agencies known for their dedication, pride and high work ethic

“Not only does Dave have a great name, he’s also a great guy that works extremely hard to keep his customers happy.”

Dave Walsh

“Blue Planet is our go-to when we want a website built. As a small team of people running an online directory and finding niche markets for lead generation, Dave is THE man to talk to.”

Jason Smith

“I have a small jewellery business and was anxious about what a website would cost me. But Dave from Blue Planet got my website up and runnign with the minimum of fuss and without taking a large chunk out of my marketing budget. Thanks Dave!”

Brianna Thorn

As a web designer, I am a proud member of the Web Integrity Guild of Web Agencies. Web Integrity Members are bound by strict guidelines and industry best practices to ensure that we give you the best possible service. If you’d like to give me a positive review (even if you’re just clicking on the stars rating), then please visit

Thank you for your continued support!

Some of our top partner sites from around the globe, include Digital Prospects and Web Design Durban in South Africa. If you’re looking for more in-depth web design and development, or SEO services, I can strongly recommend them. They do serve the global community as well.

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